Mr. Douglas

Mr. Douglas is ROFL's fearless leader. He is the robotics teacher at Farly Lakes High and the sole adult mentor of the team. He is the one that brought FIRST to the school.


Matt L.

Matt L. (not to be confused with Matty M.) is a senior and captain of the team. He is dating Amy and is best friends with the other captain, Tony. He is usually willing to listen to the other members of the team, but can be short-tempered with the freshmen.



Tony is a senior, captain, and Matt L.'s best friend. He is the type of person that believes he knows everything, and doesn't like anything that the freshmen have to say. He tolerates them but can become openly hostile quickly.



Amy is a junior, Matt L,'s girlfriend, and Tyler's twin sister. She is friendly and outgoing, though she doesn't have any experience with engineering or technology. Her ignorance of the topic is often mistaken for stupidity, but her organizational and people-person skills are valuable.



Tyler is a junior and Amy's twin sister. She is very intelligent but very grumpy. She doesn't usually show any interest in socializing, but chats with French Fry when he takes to following her around.



Allen is a bit of a stereotypical "smart Asian kid." He is brainy and extremely shy. He lives with his cousin Kai. From time to time he talks to Tyler, but she is of course disinterested.


Matty M.

Matty M. is the nice guy of the team. He gets along with everyone, and is noted to be the bridge between the feuding seniors/juniors and the freshmen.



Kai is Allen's younger cousin. He is cheerful and playful, and an honorary member of the Frosh Club. He tends to be nice to everyone, although his association with the other freshmen tends to put him in a bad light with the seniors.

Frosh Club

The Frosh Club consists of Chris, French Fry, and Quinn. They are a close-knit group of inseparable friends, and though they use the phrase to describe themselves on occasion, it's a derogatory term when used by others. They're known for their slight delinquency and obnoxious behavior.



Chris is the unspoken leader of the Frosh Club. He is highly interested in FIRST and probably the most responsible of the crew, although he can be just as mischievous and misbehaved as the others. He also has the title of emo because of his looks, despite his happy personality.


French Fry

French Fry has the most exuberant personality imaginable. He is always happy, always goofing around, and often annoying. He is talented with robotics, but his grades are pitiful. He enjoys talking to Tyler because he thinks she's lonely (she would disagree) and started a religion based on her: Tyism.



Quinn is the freshmen equivalent of Tony. He has no patience for anyone other than himself and his friends. He can be the most hostile of the Frosh Club and doesn't even attempt to get along with the upperclassmen.



Mike is the owner of Mike's Llama Grooming and is ROFL's biggest sponsor. In fact, he is probably their only major sponsor aside from the school.


Mr. Bonmonte

Mr. Bonmonte is the principal of Farly Lakes High School. He is not very supportive of the team and expects little good to come of it.

frc team

Other team

The other team is an unnamed local team that occasionally helps ROFL out, including inviting them to their kick-off event. Though they currently have no name or title to speak of, they are based on team 11 out of Mount Olive, NJ.