April 22nd, 2009, 12:43 am

More Art

Go check out the Artwork page! This is an image that I've been working on from time to time for quite a while. It took a while to finally finish, but I think it's worth it. Amy looks trendy and pretty, and Matt manages to have longish hair without looking overly-feminine (which is a problem I have with drawing teh menz).

I'm trying to decide who to draw next. Matt L and Tony are supposed to be the main characters, but my love for the Frosh Club leads me to focus on them (and doodle pictures of French Fry in all my notebooks). I might do Tyler next, just because her hair will be fun to draw. Any suggestions for favorite characters can be addressed to my Twitter.

Also, you should all read John Hodgman's book, The Areas of My Expertise. He is a funny, funny guy, and he seems to like cats. I like people who like cats.