May 27th, 2009, 1:09 pm

Things to Arrive!

I found this awesome comic that I absolutely love, Dawn of Time. It has dinosaurs in it! I happen to love dinosaurs, and I'm pretty sure they're the new pirates. You know how pirates were so cool for a while? I think dinosaurs are (rightfully) next.

I'm working on making some cool patches and things to sell, since my awesome Twitter followers seem rather interested in having so cool TFT swag. Don't worry, it should all be fairly cheap, since I can make this stuff myself at home (hurray for being crafty!) I don't know when I'll have the merch page up, but hopefully it'll be soon.

My mom just got a new SLR camera which is possibly the coolest thing in the entire world. It's also part of the reason I haven't made many things to sell, since I've been working on making her a new camera bag. But anyway, here are some pictures I took:
Meatloaf (a cat)
Super close up of my fiance being weird
A pretty flower