June 15th, 2009, 1:54 pm

Outer Space

Since my embroidery machine and I are having a bit of a tiff right now, I haven't made any more fun ROFL things to sell. I have, however, made a fun non-ROFL thing! It's an outer-spacey wallet (with outer-spacey print!)

I'm letting you know mostly because I'm bored and I'm proud of myself for actually finishing what I start. Not to make you buy it. But if you do decide to buy it (or any other order of crap from my Etsy that's over ten dollars before shipping) enter "roflfan" when it prompts you for a message to seller and get two free stickers and a sketch.

Speaking of fun things, what kind of stuff would you like to see in the TFT store? Shirts, pins, patches? Or are you content with the stickers that are there?